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miniBSD: the mini FreeBSD system

13.07.2005 - miniBSD has a mascotte too

Paola, the mother of the gufi's mascotte Gufino, has created Eddy the new miniBSD's mascotte.

Eddy, is a little ant. The ant is small, powerfull and has a very good predisposition to work hard. So it is very similar to miniBSD, which is born to be small because it should be fitted on a small medium, powerfull because it is FreeBSD based and the work attitude remembers us that miniBSD is usually employed in hard routing/firewall/vpn tasks without so many bells and whistle :-)

But even Eddy resembles the little FreeBSD daemon in some small details. Do you see which ones (check here) :-) ?

The name Eddy is in honor to my first son, Edoardo, born on 03-07-2005

Eddy - full size

19.06.2005 - miniBSD has a web site

Finally today I succeded in finishing these pages.


05.03.2005 - miniBSD begins to work ... :-)

miniBSD is adopted for deploying high speed routers in the Consiagnet gigabit MAN.
The hardware is based on an EPIA mb, powered by an Elan 533mhz cpu fanless, 256M ram, 128mb CF, 3 FE or 2 FE + 1 GE.

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